The Uses of Social Security Card

A social security card is a card issued by the US government to all its citizens and eligible residents after applying for one. Usually, it contains a nine-digit number that assists the government to monitor the owner lifetime earnings and his/her years in service.

Its uses include:

• It’s required when you go to open a bank account with all US financial institutions.
• During the application for selected types of public assistance
• Application for a federal loan
• Application for a passport
• Enrolling in Medicare
• Application for a driver’s license
• Required during filing of tax returns

Losing or misplacing this card can be stressful more so to a kid who doesn’t know the right procedure to follow in order to replace it. However, parents should always have his/her back so that they can assist. Mostly, being a parent means responsibility although it only applies if the recipient is a minor. Application can be found on

Every problem has a solution as well as losing a social security has a remedy of replacing. Usually, replacement involves a simple process done either physically or logging into social security administration website.

The steps include:

• Explaining the loss- to begin with, the parent and the child should visit the social security administration branch to report the loss where they will be required to explain how the card got lost. In this case, you must explain whether it’s misplacement or a theft because each and every situation requires a different approach. For example, in case the card was stolen, a different measure and procedure will be taken that may include blocking the card from being used by the thief.

• Presenting the required and essential documents- so that the process can continue, you must first reveal your identity and the identity of your kid. That is, how you are related to the kid; either you are a parent or a guardian. You will do this by presenting all the essential original or certified documents that link you to the kid. For the child bring the documents showing his/her US citizenship if it has not yet been established or his/her immigration status. In addition, another essential document is a birth certificate that will be containing the child’s information. Failure to present these documents the process will be suspended until that time you will present them.

• Filling in of the forms- after your identity is established, you will be handed over some forms with queries that you must honestly answer. It’s highly advisable for you to consult on where you don’t comprehend. Filling in with invalid and incorrect answers will lead to termination of the process. So it’s so important to go through your answers before submitting the forms.

• Submission of the forms- upon submitting all the forms and required documents, all the data will be counterchecked and verified. Usually, the replacement process takes few days (10 working days). So after some days, they will email you or you will be required to visit the branch office to collect your child’s card with the same 9 digit number as the previous one.

In conclusion, the best thing about this process is similar if it’s an adult who is replacing the card. So, to any parent who is used to the main process this one too will be a walk in the park. Also, the process applies in all social security administration offices in US soil so you can visit any branch office for the replacement. Finally, it’s always advisable to keep your essential documents safe. As a parent, advise your child to restrain carrying his/her card not unless when required to, because a burglar may steal the card and use the 9 digit number to enjoy the benefits.